If you wish to home a pony for riding, driving, companion or conservation grazing please go to wildtowonderful.org

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Taffety means ‘delicate on the tongue’ in Devon dialect, which is the perfect way to describe meat from the wild ponies of Dartmoor – a place of incredible beauty and an abundance of wildlife created by 3000 years of grazing cattle sheep and ponies.

Thank you for supporting this grazing regime by considering eating Taffety. Your support will enable the existence of Dartmoor herds of ponies to be secured for the future, keeping Dartmoor as we know and love it.

Why should you try Taffety?

Naturally free range and has not been fed any chemicals.

Lean and nutritious.

Low in fat, high in protein

Reared naturally, roamed free, eating and living as nature intended.

Grazing in a way that supports the ecology of Dartmoor.

Helps to keep ponies on Dartmoor.

Meat is very similar in taste to beef but with a slightly sweeter, subtle game flavour.


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