You can use mince in everything you would use beef mince for , just a healthier option, less fat more protein.

£6.00 a kilo available in 500g packs

We also have diced Steak to make a hot pot with a rich flavour to enjoyed by all.

500g @ £5.00



Just great for the barbecue or that special dinner.
The fillet makes the best stroganoff i have ever tasted. 2 x 200g £15.00
The sirloin steaks are a prime cut, with a delicate flavour, ideal for grilling and barbecue. 2 x 200g £11.50
The Rump steak, tender succulent and the healthy option to make up for the chips!
The Rib eye steak is lightly marbled through out adding to the flavour and enjoyment of this steak. 400g £10.00 each.



Everyone loves these they are fantastic value, having great flavour and a very high meat content so don't shrink.

4 burgers @ £4.00 each





They have a gamey unusual flavour, for something a little bit different.

Six sausages @£3.00





Topsiade roasting joint

This is a wonderful roasting joint, full of flavour tender and delicious.

£20 a kilo, please state size required.





Made to our own recipe in the tradional way, perfect for summer picnics.





This is becoming a real favourite with everyone, on a pizza it is just amazing.







Marinaded and prepared in the tradional way on Dartmoor, a real treat for the taste buds.

£5.00 for 250g packs




Pony Radish Sauce

Made locally by award winning hogs bottoms preserves, especially to make you smile.

£3.00 a pot



Please contact us if there is something you would like to buy.

Wholesale enquiries please use contact form.

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